Discussing Disruption: ReplyAll Conversations and their e-Discovery Takeaways

by Sam Bock on September 22, 2017

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It might seem like the last thing our industry needs is a new type of media. But in reality, ReplyAll—and its founder, Zach Abramowitz—is doing us a favor by introducing a different type of conversation into our everyday reading.

Technologists rely on practitioners for insights into what’s working and what isn’t. Likewise, practitioners rely on technologists to implement new solutions and continuously raise the bar on productivity.

Zach, an attorney himself, created ReplyAll—powered by a single line of code that turns email conversations into embeddable threads easily published by partner organizations—to help bridge the gap between journalism and simple networking. The result is a medium that fosters natural dialogue in a more shareable format.

Check out this podcast from Ari Kaplan to hear the full story.

Conversation Connections, Stand-Up Comedy, and Legal Tech Start-Ups




For some examples of just what these conversations look like, check out a few we’ve covered on the blog this year:

#1: Legal Operations Insights from Google's Mary O'Carroll

One of the pioneers of the legal operations movement is Mary O’Carroll, head of legal operations at Google and part of the executive leadership team at CLOC. Earlier this year, she shared some of her secrets to success with Zach.

#2: Legal Operations Takeover: CLOC Institute 2017

Whether you couldn’t make it to the conference or you couldn’t cover it all, conversations like this one ensure the biggest takeaways from an event’s brightest minds make it out into the world.

#3: How Shell Has Transformed Managing Outside Counsel

Under Vincent Cordo, head of global litigation sourcing, Shell has gone from 300 plus outside counsels to 20. Check out his conversation with Zach on just how he achieved it—and how others can streamline their processes, too.