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Giving Thanks to the Community that Feeds Your Success

Brendan Ryan

"We need you."

Those were the words for Salesforce's channel partners from CTO Parker Harris during a massive keynote at last week’s Dreamforce conference. They summarize the many points Harris made to illustrate the importance of the ecosystem to his company's growth strategy and the success of their customers. And they inspired me to focus our traditional Thanksgiving blog post on an essential part of the Relativity community: our partners.

Or, better put, your partners. Relativity Certified Partners, Developer Partners, and technology partners such as X1 and Cellebrite are at the table with you day in and day out delivering value through e-discovery services and providing a transformative experience to your organization. We provide the software that powers it, and partners do the rest—from cloud migration and implementation, to user support and training, to project management and strategic consultation.

Before we share some highlights of this work from the past year, bear with a Thanksgiving metaphor for the flexibility of our partners’ service offerings. At some family holiday gatherings, the host does it all: cleans the house, prepares the food, serves every course, does the dishes, entertains the guests, and cleans the house again (thanks, Mom!).

At others, it’s a more collaborative affair. The host may get things organized and set the table, but guests bring their tools and talent so the experience is just right—maybe an aunt’s or uncle’s corn casserole is better (sorry, Mom!).

Much in the same way, our customers tailor their experiences with partners based on their needs, from all-in managed service agreements to more transactional outsourcing for help when projects get out of hand, or when no-code or low-code ideas turn into pro-code development needs.

With us? Now on to the highlights from this year:

  • Nine partners have joined us on the industry’s transformation to SaaS and offer RelativityOne in 2019. They bring you top-notch service around the complete and secure platform for e-discovery, built for the cloud, making the total number at the time of this writing 29 RelativityOne Certified Partners.
  • Four partners have earned RelativityOne Silver Partner status: Control Risks, FTI Consulting, JND eDiscovery, and Special Counsel. We hold our partners to high standards, and these organizations have met additional criteria for experience and certifications. They’re proven innovators and offer their own applications and integrations in the Relativity App Hub.
  • Speaking of innovation, a grateful shout-out to 2019 Relativity Innovation Award winners icourts and Deloitte’s Pavan Kotha. icourts took home the trophy for best innovation among an amazing roster of solution provider award applicants for their Go X solution, an iPad application that allows users to review, code, highlight, and redact on the go. Pavan was recognized as this year’s Lit Support All-Star. An e-discovery manager at Deloitte and Relativity Master, Pavan earned his place in the spotlight with his unwavering willingness and eagerness to help clients overcome challenges and save time.
  • Heretik has been crushing it with partnerships, helping their clients make smarter, faster, and more favorable decisions with their contract data. With a roster of partners that includes Clayton Utz, Reed Smith and Gravity Stack, CDS, Bricker & Eckler, and more, they’re a shining example of Relativity Developer Partners who augment and amplify the capabilities of smart e-discovery teams.

And here’s a sample of the amazing things clients have achieved thanks to Relativity solution providers:

These are just a handful of the things we’re grateful to our partner community for this year, as it would take many posts a day to cover them all. We’re excited about what's to come in the year ahead. In the meantime, catch up on more case studies of the success our solution providers have brought to their clients, and learn more about these partners and how to find the ones who are best-positioned to help you.

Thanks to the best partner ecosystem in the industry—by far. Speaking for the entire e-discovery community, we need you.

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Brendan Ryan was Relativity’s senior manager of partner marketing.