At icourts, we help you collect, process, analyse, review and produce data faster and with increased efficiency. We help you gain insights from your raw data – for real business benefit.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes lawyers, analysts, software developers and forensic consultants, with experience in legal technology reaching back to 1999. We’re seasoned professionals with front-line experience. Our consultative approach and unparalleled experience streamline your workflows - leaving you to focus on the work your clients value.

We work externally as an advisor and service provider or embedded with our clients. We have worked with organisations including the Australian Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, New Zealand financial regulators, various Australian Federal and State Royal Commissions, Australian banks and top tier law firms.

We collaborate to deliver proven, tested and defensible solutions to data and information challenges - empowering your team to perform with flexibility, competence and technical expertise.

We are a certified RelativityOne Migration Partner so you can migrate your data with confidence from Relativity or another platform into RelativityOne.

icourts has won a variety of industry awards; most recently the RelativityFest 2019 Best Innovation: Solution Provider for our custom application, Go, providing RelativityOne users with the capacity to review and code documents on an iPad.

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  • RelativityOne hosting services
  • eDiscovery services & data processing
  • Early case assessment, analytics & review  
  • Information governance, regulatory response & compliance including AI for both proactive and reactive response
  • Data breach response & cyber security
  • Forensic investigation, audit & collection  
  • Custom application development for the Relativity and RelativityOne platform either bespoke or available for licence through the Relativity app hub
  • Secure data integration, transformation & migration  
  • Relativity implementation services
  • ecourts and digital presentation systems

Data Centers

RelativityOne - Australia

Rebecca Grant
+61 499 330 545

Product Offerings:

  • RelativityOne

Sydney, Australia

Rebecca Grant
+61 499 330 545

Product Offerings:

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 RelativityOne Silver Partner RelativityOne Services Partner


Data Migration Government

Partner Since 2016

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Relativity Masters (1)
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Relativity Certified Administrator (3)
Relativity Analytics Specialist (1)
Relativity Processing Specialist (2)
Relativity Project Management Specialist (2)
Relativity Review Management Specialist (3)
Relativity Certified Sales Pro (2)
RelativityOne Certified Pro (5)
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Third-Party Certifications

Sydney, Australia

  • ISO 27001:2013

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