Uncivil Procedure The E-Discovery Podcast

Uncivil Procedure a monthly podcast features informal discussion of recent and relevant case law between Relativity team members and attorneys from the Relativity community, amusing game segments, and banter. Join the conversation on social media using #UncivilProcedure.


Uncivil Procedure Podcast Episode 9: Search

“Search” is the keyword for this episode of Uncivil Procedure, and it’s full of wistful talk about ye olde searching days and why it’s still the name of the game in e-discovery.

Uncivil Procedure Podcast Episode 8: GDPR

We’re talking about rules and regulations on the latest episode of Uncivil Procedure: The e-Discovery Podcast. Specifically, the GDPR is in focus.

Uncivil Procedure Podcast Episode 7: Cooperation

In this episode of Uncivil Procedure, David Cohen of Reed Smith and the Relativity crew discuss cooperation. Their conclusions? Well, it’s complicated.

Uncivil Procedure Podcast Episode 6: Mergers & Acquisitions

The latest episode of Uncivil Procedure: The e-Discovery Podcast offers insights on the legal work behind mergers and acquisitions, the origin of the Milky Way candy bar, and more.

Uncivil Procedure Podcast Episode 5: Mobile Data Discovery

What was your first mobile phone? Was it a little flippy thing? A big, boxed machine? An enviable car phone?

Uncivil Procedure Podcast Episode 4: Math & Science in the Law

Listen to learn about the refrigerator doctrine, common ways schoolchildren are lied to, and what Relativity 5000: Mind Control Edition might look like.

Uncivil Procedure Podcast Episode 3: Technology-Assisted Review

On this month’s episode of Uncivil Procedure, the honorable Andrew J. Peck joins the Relativity gang to discuss technology-assisted review and baseball.

Uncivil Procedure Podcast Episode 2: Proportionality

On this month’s episode of Uncivil Procedure, the Relativity gang welcomes Jay Carle of Seyfarth Shaw LLP to discuss proportionality and semi-related topics.

Announcing Uncivil Procedure: The e-Discovery Podcast

Announcing Uncivil Procedure: a monthly podcast featuring informal discussion about case law, limericks, and other very important babble (professional and pop-cultural).

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