Review & Production

RelativityOne is your e-discovery workhorse.

RelativityOne provides everything you need to tackle your document review and production challenges, from the smallest to the most complex projects. Get the control and flexibility you need to design workflows and solutions that amplify your team’s efforts and bring people to the center of your matter.


Relativity Document Review Software Dashboard

Integrated Data Analytics

Take advantage of the latest in advanced analytics, machine learning, and visualizations to quickly sift through volumes of unstructured data and uncover the facts.

Uncover Insights

Visualize any field of metadata or coding information, and combine multiple fields to see where information such as search terms intersects with your custodians. Export dashboards to easily share findings with your team or customer.

Search Like a Pro

Take the complexity out of even the most advanced searches with an interactive search panel, and start searching right away to explore what's there—even while data is still loading.

Power Review with Text Analytics

Bring sophisticated analytics and machine learning into your workflow to power through volumes of unstructured data to accelerate your review and uncover insights that get to the heart of a matter. Learn more about RelativityOne Analytics.

Fast, Flexible Document Review Software

Tackle the simplest to the largest, most complex matters that come your way with the flexibility to adapt your workflow to match the needs of any case.


Relativity Document Review Software

Analyze the Whole Conversation

Seamlessly follow conversations in your case across multiple channels. Review, analyze, and produce data from texting, instant messaging, and collaboration tools, and flip through the messages like you would in the native app – seeing emojis, images, reactions, comments, likes, and more.

Review Accurately and Efficiently

A comprehensive feature set helps your team identify relevant issues, protect privileged information, and make informed coding decisions.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Basic users can be up and running in the software with as little as 10 minutes of training—with all the functionality they need to be productive.

Create Unique Workflows

Build and automate custom workflows that meet the unique needs of your team—whether it’s a time-sensitive second request or an ongoing investigation.

The Mobile App for RelativityOne

RelativityOne provides everything needed to tackle document review challenges—in the office or on the go.

Relativity Review & Production Mobile App

Securely Share Documents

Share your documents quickly and easily, you don’t have to worry about your most sensitive info ending up in the wrong hands.

Keep Your Documents Secure

Your data is protected by a six-digit passcode, FaceID, or Touch ID, as well as your RelativityOne login and two-factor authentication.

Review on the Go

Code documents on your commute or couch with RelativityOne's secure and native mobile app for iPad and iPhone.

Sync to RelativityOne

What you see on mobile and what your team sees at the office will never differ. Any changes you make in the app are instantly reflected in RelativityOne.

Complete Production Capabilities

When you're done with review, RelativityOne gives you the tools necessary to meet your document production requirements.

Automate Complex Productions

Save time and avoid common issues when pushing complex productions out the door.

Meet Tight Deadlines

From creating custom placeholders to using multiple mark-up sets, RelativityOne has the options you need to deliver productions on schedule.

NightOwl Global produced 36.3 million pages of documents within 30 days using Relativity.

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