kCura Acquires Content Analyst Company, Developers of Advanced Text Analytics Technologies

kCura, the team behind Relativity, join forces with Reston, Virginia-based text analytics technology company to drive further innovation and adoption in e-discovery

Chicago, IL and Reston, VA – March 14, 2016 – kCura, developers of the e-discovery software Relativity, today announced their acquisition of Content Analyst Company LLC, developers of the CAAT® analytics engine. Widely adopted by various U.S. intelligence agencies and the e-discovery community, Content Analyst’s proprietary technology—now in its third generation—has been helping customers quickly gain insight into massive volumes of unstructured data since 2004. By acquiring Content Analyst and becoming one unified team with a single technology roadmap, kCura plans to innovate Relativity Analytics more rapidly to meet the evolving needs of their customers and the entire e-discovery industry. Since 2011, usage of Relativity Analytics has grown by nearly 1,500 percent, while more than 70 percent of current kCura customers have licensed analytics. And with further court acceptance of the technology in the U.S. and abroad—like the use of Relativity Analytics in the U.K.’s recent Pyrrho decision—growth in Analytics is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Content Analyst’s analytics engine has been fully integrated into Relativity Analytics for eight years, supporting a wide range of features that are flexible enough to handle the needs of any type or size of case—everything from organizing unstructured data to email threading to categorization that powers flexible technology-assisted review workflows. The partnership has resulted in the development of the only analytics feature set fully integrated and optimized for Relativity, and has produced great results for Relativity customers—from saving millions of dollars on high-profile mergers to completing a tight-turnaround production in a single weekend. By joining teams, kCura will bring Content Analyst’s specialized engineering talent closer to Relativity users, in order to continue building a highly scalable analytics solution even faster. “In the future, we believe all e-discovery matters will use some form of text analytics because of the advantages it provides at every stage of the process,” said Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura. “We believe we can accelerate adoption for our customers by bringing Content Analyst onto the team. By aligning our technology roadmaps and organizations, our users’ feedback on Analytics can get into the engine right away.” “We believe CAAT offers the most precise analytics engine on the market and a powerful breadth of functionality,” said Kurt Michel, president and CEO of Content Analyst, who will continue to lead support, service, and all operations in Reston supporting development of the CAAT engine. “By joining the team at kCura, we now have a singular focus of making the use of this technology ubiquitous in e-discovery, and we believe we can do an even better job than we’ve been doing meeting the needs of the e-discovery community.”