Accuracy is the sole, truly independent European operator that can offer companies and their shareholders a global reach in financial consultancy services. We offer the full suite of forensic technology services including cyber investigations, forensic collections, forensic data analytics and eDiscovery. Our team have experience from around the globe and have been involved with some of the largest international eDiscovery investigations. Our focus is on adding digital investigation insights into eDiscovery and developing automated systems that reduce time and cost. Our main platform is hosted out of Paris, with hubs in Milan, London and Dubai, but we can also quickly deploy within client premises across the globe.

Data Centers

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Leons Mathews
+971 56 12 13 991

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  • Relativity Server

Paris, France

Steve Molloy
+39 334 10 49 578

Product Offerings:

  • Relativity Server
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