FACTS Consulting has been involved in many of the large public and private investigations and E-Discovery Services for the largest procurement fraud cases in South Africa. Through our cross-discipline team with investigations, legal, IT security, accounting, engineering, data analytics and software development expert skills, we have been successful in assisting clients from small to large scale investigations or E-Discovery services. We have also assisted clients in most main industries, including telecommunications, mining, banking and financial services, law enforcement agencies, and industrial and defense sector in various investigations.


  • E-Discovery service assistance in all the steps or aspects of E-Discovery.
  • Cyber forensic and incident response in support of large or small investigations.
  • Processing and structuring of various data types such as documents, emails, financial statements, calls, chats, and databases to enable investigators and reviewers to get a single view of all data types. This is done using various commercial forensic tools as well as our in-house developed Skynet evidence processing engine.
  • Assisting clients in extracting electronic data from electronic sources including servers, computers, cloud services and mobile devices using international best practices as required for criminal and civil litigation.
  • Employee and client risk screening service using our Skynet Risk platform.

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