Heuristica is RelativityOne’s only law firm Silver and Services Partner and has offices in Toronto and Calgary. It is in the unique position of being the only independent Canadian national law firm with a practice limited to electronic evidence management.

Heuristica is well-known for its innovative approach to eDiscovery and offers a full range of electronic evidence collection, hosting, review and production services. Using an iterative, analytics-based methodology that increases the speed and quality of review, Heuristica is able to substantially reduce eDiscovery expense while providing cost certainty and improving key knowledge flow to the litigation team.

Heuristica’s status as a law firm means its work product is protected by both solicitor/attorney-client and/or litigation privilege. This protection provides clients the freedom to incorporate legal strategy and analysis into all aspects of the discovery process.

Heuristica’s counsel can also provide legal opinions regarding the defensibility and proportionality of the entire process. Moreover, as a law firm, Heuristica is bound by professional obligations and has fiduciary duties to its clients.


  • Data Analysis and Investigations
  • RelativityOne Processing and Early Case Assessment
  • RelativityOne Hosting
  • Iterative Document Review
  • Technology Assisted Review
  • Managed Services
  • eDiscovery Dispute Mediation
  • Complex Construction Dispute Expertise
  • Multiple Foreign Language Review Capability

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