Founded by a former litigator, Minneapolis-based Shepherd Data Services enhances the power of Relativity with personal service and attention to detail unmatched by most. Its eDiscovery and digital forensics experts—with a century of combined technology expertise—specialize in complex problem solving, database design, analysis and other strategies to maximize the power of Relativity for clients.

Its loyal client base of law firms, corporations and government agencies knows the value of its consultative approach, rigorous data security practices and forward-thinking, proprietary software solutions, like fOne™ Mobile Forensics Data Processing.

fOne integrates data extracted from mobile devices within Relativity. This best-in-breed technology supports real-time collaboration, keyword filtering, comparative analysis, and more. In an increasingly device-driven world, fOne allows you to control, track and review mobile data seamlessly and efficiently for improved forensics and discovery.


  • Initial consultation
  • Database design
  • Field identification
  • Collection analysis
  • Forensic computer imaging
  • Forensic data analysis
  • Mobile device collection and analysis
  • Training
  • Complex problem solving

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