Charged with processing 18 TB of data, IST Management used Relativity to reduce the data set to 3 TB for review.

When their matter size increased six fold, IST Management’s client sought their solution provider’s expertise to process 18 TB of data within 19 days. Eager to jump on the case, IST leveraged Relativity Processing on the 20-custodian data set, which included data from 30 laptops and more than 40 email inboxes.

Filtering by date made a dent in the volume, but IST's deadline was fast approaching. Then, the client sent data for an additional ten custodians.

"The scope of the matter kept increasing and encompassed much more data than our client initially projected," said Greg Caraway, vice president of e-discovery. IST optimized their environment to accommodate the scope change.

They needed a way to cull unnecessary data. Leveraging global de-duplication, they eliminated duplicate files that had already been published to the workspace, thereby expediting the review process and ensuring reviewers didn’t miss any unique documents.

"Many custodians had multiple email accounts and a lot of emails, attachments, and loose files were de-duplicated out,” said Greg.

Relativity Processing allowed IST to shrink the data set requiring review from 18 TB to 3 TB. Though this still translated to nearly one million records, the reduced project size meant IST could not only meet their production deadline, but finish a week early.

“Having our clients image their own documents and produce within Relativity is driving an accelerated and more efficient e-discovery process,” Greg said, adding that IST uses Relativity’s complete stack, from processing through production, for more than 95 percent of their cases.

"Relativity provided us a streamlined workflow where we can do it all in one tool,” Greg added.

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