On the Merits

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

On the Merits provides a true look at important world events and the people who work to redress wrongs. This documentary series tells the stories of individuals at the center of an event and explores how the legal tech community champions them using data, technology, and the rule of law to discover the truth and open a path toward justice.

Series Goals

On the Merits celebrates our customers’ expertise in the context of important world events. It’s a series about the people who use technology for the greater good.

It’s Objective

We focus on telling a balanced story about how discoverable data helps our subjects act on the merits of a case.

It’s About People, Not Technology

We do not discuss or demo features, functionality, performance, or roadmaps unless they’re pertinent to the story, nor do we directly promote Relativity’s software or platform through customer testimonials.

It’s Not Trivial

We’re interested in showcasing the work of our customers—and their customers—as it pertains to world events of historic human interest and social justice.

The Results

On the Merits: Flint

In 2014, Flint switched its water supply to the river as a cost-saving measure, resulting in health issues for residents.

Meta-e Discovery was brought on board by a law firm to utilize Relativity to analyze the pharma reports, surveys, emails, and text communication that took form during the crisis—helping to uncover the truth behind the toxic water level.

Working with Relativity

Establish a point of contact at your organization to help the Relativity team understand the story, provide background research, and arrange interviews with the appropriate people.

  • Following introductory calls, Relativity will present a statement of work covering scope, deliverables, and timeline.
  • Assume one to two 60-minute calls for two months (4-5 calls) to develop the story.
  • To present a balanced story, we request our contact help develop connections to other relevant parties (citizens, non-governmental organizations, journalists, witnesses) to ground the story and lend gravity to the importance of your work.

Once we understand the story, relationships, and boundaries, we storyboard the film, script interview questions, and schedule a location shoot at the appropriate location(s).

  • Relativity will share story work and planning with you to verify accuracy and impact.

We film interviews with the appropriate parties as well as additional footage to complement the story.

  • Relativity provides all project management and crew for the shoot. You provide access to stakeholders and facilities as needed.
  • Assume one to two days of filming, depending on subjects’ schedules. Additional time for B-roll (does not necessarily involve your organization, but may require access to facilities).

We edit footage into a narrative that showcases your work to right wrongs through data.

  • Soundtrack and any effects like animation, chyrons, or text are added at this stage.
  • Relativity shares an advanced edit for feedback and accuracy. You will have approval over final deliverables.

We promote the documentary via Relativity outlets like events, social media, and internal channels. We also provide it to your team.

  • Main deliverables are a long-form video (about 20 minutes), a short-form version (2- to 3-minute "trailer"), and several 30-second promotional spots for social media.
  • Option to screen film at a major Relativity event such as Relativity Fest (London or Chicago). Customer will receive courtesy guest passes to events if speaking live about the documentary.
  • Additional rich-content web presence on relativity.com will be launched to host the video plus additional content (essay, behind-the-scenes photography, quotes). This will also be subject to customer approval.


We aim to provide a great experience and content that is as useful for you as it is for us.

  1. Promotion of your documentary in a way that brings visibility into your efforts and the efforts of any of your clients. We want to impress upon the public the importance of the work you are doing.
  2. Complimentary guest passes and a dedicated session at a Relativity event, such as Relativity Fest Chicago or Relativity Fest London, including a documentary screening and Q&A.
  3. Brand awareness. As partners in this film, assets will be co-branded and promoted with your logo.
  4. Partnership with Relativity’s PR, creative, social media, and community teams to maintain awareness.

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