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Relativity Inclusion Diversity Belonging Report 2023

A Culture of Belonging

At Relativity, we’re building an inclusive space where all voices are heard and appreciated, where our workforce mirrors the diversity and strength of our global communities, and where every Relativian has an equitable opportunity to find joy in their work and thrive in their career.

Creating a culture of belonging takes time – and we know we have a lot of work to do. Come see the progress we’ve made so far.

Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce isn’t magic. It’s action.

Over the past several years, we’ve focused on increasing representation across three groups that are traditionally underrepresented in tech, and we’ll continue the work into 2023 and beyond.

2022 Black/African American Headcount (US)

2022 Hispanic/Latino Headcount (US)

2022 Women Headcount (Global)
Data for each year is as of December 31. Source: Workday.
We’re working toward equitable pay for everyone, everywhere.
As of March 2022, there are no statistically significant differences in pay across gender globally*, or race and ethnicity in the US.
* Pay equity review conducted across operating countries with at least 35 active employees

Our Journey to Greater Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging

We launch our first social impact program: Relativity Gives.

The program empowers Relativians to support their local communities. We’ve since committed over $3 million to the program.


A group of women at Relativity creates our first Community Resource Group (CRG).

Relativity Women of the Workplace was the start of something big. Today, our eight CRGs are the fabric of our culture.


We expand our domestic partner benefits.

We added same-sex partners and their children to the mix to better represent our employee base.


Relativity Gives crosses the pond.

Our EMEA team gets the resources they need to support their local communities.


A team of Relativians stands up the initial framework for Diversity and Inclusion at Relativity.

The framework includes plans for education, advocacy, and current-state assessments to inform strategy.


We invest in dedicated resources and roles to support Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging (IDB) across the company.

Regular IDB meetups and an educational series on allyship are just the beginning.


We establish several new IDB initiatives.

The list includes new IDB courses, an Inclusive Action Council, and a review of our talent processes to help eliminate bias.


We integrate IDB experts into every vertical of our HR and talent teams.

With greater representation, we can ensure we’re creating a more inclusive experience for all Relativians, everywhere.


We’re weaving IDB into every facet of our business

Our Communities

Creating More Access to Justice

In 2020, we launched Justice for Change in the US and APAC, giving our customers and partners the opportunity to use RelativityOne on racial and social justice projects at no cost. Our goal? Make justice more accessible to the people who need it most.

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“The struggles that my parents had growing up, I will never see those things. My kids will never see those things because of the opportunity I’ve had through this program.”
Betty Nguyen
Associate Sales Engineer and Relativity Fellow
Read Betty’s Story

Closing the Opportunity Divide

We know that talented candidates are often missed due to socioeconomic factors beyond their control. Relativity Fellows helps fill that gap.

Since 2020, we’ve seen 30 Fellows graduate from the program and begin careers in technology and e-discovery.

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Putting IDB on Our Global Stage

Our annual conference, Relativity Fest, has evolved from a simple user conference into an open dialogue on the legal industry’s greatest challenges – and inclusion and diversity is a key conversation. The Community & Culture track gives attendees a safe space to talk about IDB and inspire action across the legal industry, from where to find diverse talent to what it means to be anti-racist.

In 2022, we welcomed world-renowned AI researcher Dr. Timnit Gebru to the stage. She stole the show with her talk on bias in AI and how we, as an industry, can fix it.

Stellar Women logo

Celebrating Women in Legal Technology

Established in 2018, Stellar Women has transformed from a beloved podcast into a tight-knit community for women in legal tech. Today, the program has 500+ engaged participants dedicated to supporting one another.

Stellar Women Podcast logo

Our Workplace

Educating Our People

Inclusion doesn’t happen at once. It takes time, education, and a bit of humility. Since 2020, we’ve been developing training programs to help our people check their biases, lead with inclusion first, and strengthen IDB at Relativity.

Empowering Our Leaders

In 2022, we introduced Relativity’s Inclusive Action Council, giving senior leaders a dedicated space to work together and increase inclusion and diversity, from the top down.

We also expanded our management education programs to include areas like mitigating bias, compassionate leadership, and leading in crisis.

Enriching Our Culture

In 2021 and 2022, we introduced three new CRGs: Rel-L.I.T. for our Latino community, RelVets for veterans at Relativity, and AccessAbility, a community for those who live with a disability and/or chronic illnesses or are caretakers for someone living with such.

Our CRGs also own Culture Collective, a storytelling program that celebrates employees, honors different cultures, and inspires Relativians to act and think differently.

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Rel-L.I.T. logo
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Black@Relativity logo
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Relativity Pride logo
Relativity Women of the Workplace (RelWoW) logo
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Our Community Resource Groups grow every year, and now we’re at eight strong.

Our Workforce

Helping Everyone Succeed

We don’t guess at what our employees want – we ask them. Our team requested more development opportunities, so we delivered three successful programs (with plans for more to come):

  • RelMentors: An internal program designed to help underrepresented Relativians build their careers and create more meaningful connections.
  • Community Resource Group Council: In addition to overseeing Relativity’s CRGs, our council empowers Relativians to start and run their own resource groups, providing valuable guidance and leadership skills along the way.
  • McKinsey Management Accelerator Program for Black, African American, and Hispanic/Latino Relativians: This six-month program enhances participants’ problem-solving and business skills to help them grow at Relativity – or wherever else their career takes them.

Enhancing Our Hiring Practices

  • We’ve widened our search: We partner with IDB organizations to help find top talent from often overlooked communities. We’ve engaged with HBCU Connect – the largest network of students and alumni from historically Black colleges and universities – and have become a certified SkillBridge Partner, a program for service members who are ending their military careers and transitioning to the private sector.
  • We’ve added a Hiring Manager Dashboard: The dashboard helps managers track key metrics including how diverse our pipeline is throughout the hiring process.
  • We’ve removed education as a job requirement: We’ve also limited the minimum qualification on the job description to three years to broaden our talent pool even more.

The Path to Belonging Starts with Us

Belonging is more than an end goal — it’s a necessity, a journey that takes time and focused effort from our leaders and our employees. Over the next few years, we’ll continue to work every day to create an inclusive community, measure our progress, and ensure Relativity is a place where everyone belongs.

Media by Tim Musho, Nick Moore, Diego PH, LNJ Designs, Hannah Brown