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Relativity Patents

Get high-quality prior art search results in just a few clicks.

Relativity Patents brings the leading legal platform to patent search and analytics. Run patent searches yourself, or have our team run them for you – with results in 1-2 days.

Patent Searches Made Fast & Easy

Don’t wait weeks for results or waste time keyword searching. Create a broad search, and let RelativityOne generate a ranked set of references, fast.

Results in 1-2 days.

Trade in your search firm’s high price tags and lengthy timelines for quick and cost-efficient searches. Just sit back and watch the results roll in.

Flexible & easy to use.

Running a search is simple – input a reference patent and Relativity Patents will return prioritized results. Or you can always have us run the search for you.

No contracts, no commitments.

Kicking off a search won’t cost you a dime. See your results for free, then refine, iterate, or expand as needed – all for one flat per-project rate.

Choose from Two Service Options

Pick the workflow that works for you. Either way, you’ll get high-quality results, fast.

Run your own searches.

Input a reference patent and watch Patents do its thing, or build a data set with your own search terms. Results are sorted by conceptual similarity, so you can focus on what’s relevant.

Let us run searches for you.

We’ll return a report of the top 50 prioritized references in 1-2 days, plus a log-in to explore the full data set yourself. We’ll also include a detailed invoice for easy pass through.

Run your first search for free.

No contracts, no commitment. See what makes our product great.