Relativity Trace for Trade Reconstruction

Automate the reconstruction of a trade.

Streamline the trade reconstruction process by automatically linking each trade to its related communications in one system.

Communications and Trades All in One Place

Stay organized to better understand the full scope of activities that occurred before or after a trade.

Trade Reconstruction - Seamlessly integrate with your OMS icon

Seamlessly integrate with your OMS.

Integrate with an order or transaction management system to automatically ingest trade data into Relativity Trace.
Trade Reconstruction - Meet 72-hour deadline with ease icon

Meet 72-hour deadlines with ease.

Organize, publish, and export all trades and communications for a trade reconstruction request in one place.
Trade Reconstruction - Link each trade to related communications icon

Link each trade to related communications.

Use deep investigation tools to quickly locate and link communications to uncover potential risk.

Respond to Regulators Faster and with More Confidence

Remove error-prone manual steps to save time and ensure you’re meeting tight deadlines.

Use artificial intelligence to cut through the noise.

Leverage advanced lexicon searching, metadata filtering, and AI and machine learning to connect trades and communications together.

Have more context in reviews.

Review communications and trades side by side, so you have the complete picture of how an event unfolded and the action taken by a trader.

Bring it all together in one system.

Organize trade data, related communications, and all other supplemental information together in Relativity Trace’s case management module to give you a deeper understanding of an event before producing to a regulator.

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