Case Dynamics & Transcripts

Your case is more than the sum of its documents.

Craft your case strategy and review the evidence in one place. Identify key players, plot the facts along a timeline, and connect what people said to the data they left behind.


Case Dynamics Screenshot - Case Management Software

Build Your Case from Beginning to End

Integrate robust fact management and case construction into your document review with Relativity Case Dynamics.

Craft Your Strategy

Build out facts, assign issues, and identify key players to help develop your case strategy from beginning to end.

Centralize Case Information

Create a central repository of all the moving parts of your case to keep your team informed and on the same page.

Get a Live View into Case Development

As evidence is uncovered, connect documents with facts, issues, people, organizations, and interview questions to illuminate the intricacies of your case.

KrollDiscovery - Case Management Software Testimonial

"Relativity Case Dynamics is a fantastic tool. You can practically write the fact portion of a motion for summary judgment from a Fact Manager report."


Discovery Consultant and Senior Project Manager

Take Action on Transcripts

Draw powerful connections between what you uncover during legal proceedings and what you discover in case documents.


Take Action on Transcripts using Relativity Case Dynamics a Case Management Software

Act Quickly on Depositions

Drag and drop transcripts and supporting videos into RelativityOne to move quickly from conducting depositions to finalizing your strategy for trial.

Get to the Substance of Your Case

Identify key video footage and transcript passages by searching, annotating, and highlighting salient points to let your team know what to focus on.

Compare Testimony with Digital Evidence

Link transcript passages to supporting documents to see all pertinent information in one place, and categorize them as plaintiff or defendant to tie all the pieces of your case together.

Tell Your Client's Story with Clarity

Present a chronological progression of the facts with a customizable and interactive timeline that builds itself as you build your case.


Case Dynamics Case Management Software for legal & Strategy - Tell Your Client's Story

Focus on What Matters

Customize your timeline to what makes the most sense for your case with color coding options and drag-and-drop fact ordering.

Share Reports on the Go

Export your findings to ramp up new team members, share with clients, and prepare witnesses for deposition or trial.

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