Early Case Assessment & Investigation

Organize and understand your data.

Getting an understanding of the key facts within a large data set can be one of the biggest obstacles in litigation or an investigation. With RelativityOne’s early case assessment workflows, you can focus your data set so you can gain insights sooner, assess risk, and reduce costs.


Early Case Assessment and Investigation Software Dashboard

Early Case Assessment

Quickly analyze and synthesize processed data in the cloud to assess the overarching facts and determine case strategy.

Understand Your Data

View important information about your data—like file formats, volume, and date ranges—while examining custodians and key concepts. Use this analysis to gauge the size and scope of your case and prepare for meet-and-confer conferences.

Cut Through the Noise

Use Relativity Analytics to defensibly eliminate non-relevant data, reduce data volumes, and simplify downstream review.

Do More for Less

When you conduct early case assessment in RelativityOne, you pay a reduced data rate—but still get access to the advanced analytics tools that help you conduct a thorough assessment and weed out irrelevant documents.


Conduct swift, powerful digital investigations with an intuitive, defensible process.

Early Case Assessment & Investigation Software Data Visualization Dial

Explore Unstructured Data

Sophisticated analytics and visualizations make it easy to find patterns in your unstructured data and uncover trends.

Understand Communication Patterns

Communication analysis enables you to visually explore conversations showing you who’s talking to whom, how often, and what about to get deeper insight into the people in your matter.

Act On What You Find

With insights at your fingertips, quickly identify potential red flags and tag documents for further examination.

Share and Collaborate

Give your team access to case files to share intelligence and divide up the review workload among multiple investigators. If your investigation turns into litigation, seamlessly move into review and production in RelativityOne.

Super Structure of Data

Centralize your data into a single repository and repurpose coding decisions from active cases to gain a holistic view into your data.

Electronic Arts - Early Case Assessment Software Testimonal

“ECA in Relativity allowed us to create a simple, templated process to cull down documents. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time, we can just go in and get it done. It’s a step-by-step process that anyone can pick up and manage.”


Legal Operations & Litigation Manager

Keep a Pulse on Your Data

Track real-time activity and get complete transparency into potentially important data being pushed out for review.

Reuse Your Work Product

Save and store coding decisions, like privilege calls, to leverage past work product and gain intelligence on future matters.

Tap Into an Extensive Community

Preparing for litigation? Effortlessly share your work with your law firm or Relativity partner.

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