Early Case Assessment & Investigation

Understand your data.

Getting an understanding of the key facts within a large data set can be one of the biggest obstacles in litigation or an investigation. Relativity Early Case Assessment and Investigation software is part of a comprehensive solution designed to help you focus your data set so you can gain insights sooner, assess risk, reduce cost, and hone your strategy.

Early Case Assessment

Quickly analyze and synthesize data to assess the overarching facts and determine case strategy.

Understand Your Data

View important information about your data—like file formats, volume, and date ranges—while examining custodians, search terms, and concepts to gauge the size and scope of your case. Use that information to more accurately assess risk, predict costs, and prepare for meet-and-confer conferences.

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Cut Through the Noise

Defensibly eliminate non-relevant data to reduce volume and costs, and simplify downstream review.

Organize and Prioritize Documents

Tag documents and organize them by conversation, concept, language, or other relevant metadata. Uncover similarities and get down to a targeted list for external review.


Conduct swift, powerful digital investigations with an intuitive, defensible process.

Early Case Assessment & Investigation Software



An array of visualization tools and analytics features make it easy to find patterns in your data and uncover trends. Search and filter to narrow your focus and identify potentially relevant documents.

Act On What You Find

Analyze data, automatically uncover related information, identify potential red flags, and tag documents for further examination.

Share and Collaborate

Give your team access to case files to share intelligence and divide up the review workload among multiple investigators. If your investigation eventually turns into litigation, you can easily manage all aspects of review and production in Relativity.

A Comprehensive Solution

Full integration with Relativity means you can use whatever tools you need to research in-depth matters, gain a holistic understanding of your data before a case begins, start culling down your collection, or quickly uncover the true story behind an incident.


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Choose Your Approach

Use pre-built templates or customized workflows, and easily modify them based on the needs of each new project. Track real-time activity directly from a centralized dashboard, giving you complete transparency into the progress of your case.

Reuse Your Work Product

Save and store coding decisions, like privilege calls, to leverage past work product and gain intelligence on future matters.

Plug In and Power On

Relativity Early Case Assessment and Investigation software is also available on an appliance, supporting the power of Relativity with on-board storage and state-of-the-art hardware in an all-in-one solution. Conduct ECA and investigations while maintaining and securing all your case data in one central location behind your firewall.

Tap Into an Extensive Community

With Relativity Early Case Assessment software, it's easy to sync your data downstream and improve collaboration with your client, law firm, or Relativity solution provider. With more than 160,000 active users—including 190 of the top 200 law firms and more than 130 partners globally—it's effortless to share your work when you start in Relativity.

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“ECA in Relativity allowed us to create a simple, templated process to cull down documents. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time, we can just go in and get it done. It’s a step-by-step process that anyone can pick up and manage.”


Legal Operations & Litigation Manager

Introduce Analytics at Any Point

Turn to analytics throughout your project to amplify your Early Case Assessment and investigative efforts. Relativity’s intuitive and comprehensive feature set—including email threading, near-duplicate detection, and clustering—is instrumental in isolating potentially relevant items, revealing context, and prioritizing what’s most important.

Work in the Cloud

Dig into your case or investigation ASAP with RelativityOne — a complete e-discovery cloud solution offering Relativity ECA and Investigation as part of a full, feature-rich platform.

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