Review your data sooner.

RelativityOne Processing is the fastest way to get native files ready for review. A straightforward workflow is easy to operate but has depth to handle complex requirements and data types, eliminating the need to move data between systems.


Relativity eDiscovery Data Processing Software Dashboard

Powerful Engine

A robust, yet easy-to-use processing engine helps you power through data so you can get it into the review team's hands quickly.

Process Data Better and Faster

Full metadata and container extraction, domain parsing, and native application imaging deliver a total processing solution.

Get Smarter Insight

Understand the health of your processing jobs with insights such as metrics on the original data source, the status of active workers, and what was published to review—all from one central location.

Oversee Every Step

Monitor the progress of your processing job and adjust settings in real time from one central dashboard.

Efficient and Intuitive

Get the tools you need to quickly prepare data for review.

Relativity eDiscovery Data Processing Software Dashboard

Streamline Your Workflow

With everything you need in one platform, move straight from native files to review with fewer manual steps and less effort monitoring processing jobs. Get a head start on future jobs by determining your preferred settings and automatically applying them to what’s next.

Simplified Error Handling

A document-level error workflow makes it easy to investigate and address errors, and you can resolve multiple errors on multiple documents at the same time to move faster.

Powerful Data & Document Processing Software Engine

Bricker & Eckler reduced error resolution from 2 hours to 20 minutes, allowing the team to begin review within one hour. Read More

Evaluate Only the Essentials

Filter down data volumes and process only what you need.

Narrow Your Focus

Get a snapshot of your collection and use filters like date range, sender domain, and file type to eliminate unnecessary raw data from the discovery process.

Early Case Assessment

Delve even deeper into case data with RelativityOne ECA and Investigation to understand risk and determine the best strategy at the earliest stages of your case or investigation.

Relativity Data Processing Software Screenshot

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In-Person Training

Processing Training

This one-day training session demonstrates Relativity’s Processing solution for importing unprocessed source data directly into Relativity for review.