RelativityOne Pricing

Build your business on RelativityOne with flexible pricing options.

Our pricing is designed to help more organizations reap the benefits of a SaaS platform. With RelativityOne, you can focus on your core competencies and innovation, not running and managing software.

Get a Comprehensive, Expert Platform

No matter which licensing option you select, you get access to the full power of an open, flexible platform–from custom processing, review, and production capabilities to taking advantage of our rapid innovation in analytics.

Pick the RelativityOne Pricing Plan that Works for You

Not sure how much data you need? Go with a consumption-based license where user and data usage are calculated monthly. Or, commit to a set amount of users and data with a three-year subscription.

Reduce Your Data Storage Footprint

Maximize your subscription with flexible data storage models. Data used for early case assessment, or repositories where data is reused across multiple matters, is charged at 33 percent the cost of active data, while archived case data in cold storage is charged at 25 percent.

Go All-In with a RelativityOne User

Users that only access RelativityOne enjoy all the same RelativityOne functionality but at a cost up to 60 percent lower than server user rates.

Offer RelativityOne as a Service

There are two ways to use RelativityOne. In addition to the professional license, we also offer a provider license at a lower, wholesale rate for customers who deliver RelativityOne as a service outside of their organization. A provider license also means you’re eligible for the Relativity partner program, which has benefits like marketing development funds and unique provider certifications.

Backed by Relativity

Your RelativityOne license is backed by a team of product and security experts who work behind the scenes to ensure your most sensitive data is safe and your teams are successful.

Most Trusted and Reliable e-Discovery Solution

Relativity Trust goes far beyond standard data security and privacy certifications. With preventative defense, automated processes, and transparent operations, we keep our customers’ most sensitive data protected.

A Designated Team

Take advantage of the collective experience and knowledge of a team of dedicated product and operations specialists. We work together to ensure you’re successful with RelativityOne–from delivering onboarding and training to providing 24/7 support and proactively optimizing performance of the environment.

Data Migration

We help law firms, service providers, and corporations through the data migration process and have developed expertise to help you choose the right path for your business whether that's supporting your data migration plan or helping you select a certified partner to help.

Ready to use RelativityOne?