Slaughter and May Acquires Videris Licenses

Blackdot adds Magic Circle law firm to growing list of private sector clients.

LONDON, December 11, 2017– UK-based technology company Blackdot Solutions today announced that leading Magic Circle law firm Slaughter and May had acquired software licenses of Blackdot’s intelligence and research platform, Videris.  

Videris enables users to more efficiently collect, analyze and visualize unstructured data available on the Internet—including global corporate records and social media networks—in a single platform, alongside e-disclosure material.

The integration with Relativity, industry-leading e-disclosure platform, allows Videris users to pull data from Relativity into the Videris platform and compare entities and records in their Relativity database with information from online sources, so that analysts and investigators can blend two technologies through one interface.

"Slaughter and May were the among the first in the legal sector to appreciate Blackdot’s approach as a business intelligence and due diligence resource,” says David Wittman, Practice Partner at Slaughter and May. “We are delighted to have now become software customers of Videris, especially considering its ability to use publicly available online information and work with e-disclosure data.”

“Our software’s ability to support litigation, satisfy compliance requirements and work with e-disclosure data has now convinced Slaughter and May to take the technology in-house,” says Adam de Courcy Ling, Chairman of the Board at Blackdot Solutions. “We look forward to developing our relationship further with Slaughter and May, one of the world’s leading law firms.”


About Blackdot Solutions

Blackdot Solutions Ltd, founded in 2011 and based in Cambridge, UK, has developed unique, proprietary software with unrivalled capability for professional investigations and research. Blackdot Solutions’ Videris® brings intelligence agency-grade investigations technology in-house to a wide range of sectors including public sector, legal, financial and corporate. Blackdot’s own analysts provide expert training and support to client users.

With Videris®, information from the Internet can become an organisation’s biggest single source of valuable intelligence.