Array is the litigation support partner that delivers speed, accuracy, and unmatched service. Because our company is founder owned, our primary duty is to our clients. Our mission: to seamlessly manage the logistics of litigation so lawyers can focus on winning their cases. Lean on us to interpret, plan and consult on your most challenging eDiscovery projects. As early adopters of RelativityOne, we offer unmatched depth and breadth of experience in the platform including having multiple RelativityOne Certified Pros on staff; project management and client services teams with years of experience working in RelativityOne and administering a RelativityOne environment; completing hundreds of migrations from on-premises to RelativityOne; and being adept at functionality and features of Relativity’s Aero UI. In every engagement, our team of experts provide custom solutions and attentive, responsive service. For more information visit or email


  • Early Case Assessment: We dynamically filter and report on your data, so only the relevant portions are promoted to Review.
  • Processing: From forensic images and cell phone collections to email stores and network shares, our team of experts ensure you only get the best possible result out of your data.
  • Web Hosting: Access your data from anywhere with Array’s team on standby to help you when questions arise.
  • Consulting: Our Solutions Architects are up to speed on the legal technology landscape whether mapping out an advanced workflow or creating a custom solution/application.
  • Forensics: Leveraging remote collection where possible (lowering costs and turnaround) we collect from cell phones, cloud storage, most enterprise ecosystems, hard drive imaging and email collections.
  • Document Review: Our Document Review attorneys follow guidance and protocols set by our Review Managers, who work alongside clients throughout every matter’s life cycle.

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Elliott Webb
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  • RelativityOne

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RelativityOne Certified Partner

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Relativity Masters (2)
Relativity Certified Administrator (6)
Relativity Analytics Specialist (2)
Relativity Data Management Specialist (1)
Relativity Infrastructure Specialist (1)
Relativity Processing Specialist (5)
Relativity Project Management Specialist (3)
Relativity Review Management Specialist (4)
RelativityOne Certified Pro (12)
RelativityOne Review Pro (4)
Relativity Certified Sales Pro (6)

Array Uses Aero UI to Land 11+ New e-Discovery Projects