Get more from your subscription.

Gain more value from your investment with help from a Relativity partner.

Tackle Your Biggest Challenges, Together

Our partners are your strategic advisors and problem solvers. Work with them for proactive guidance – and reach your goals in record time.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from our partners’ expertise.

Relativity Partners | Tackle Your Biggest Challenges, Together

Be more efficient.

Help your team work faster and smarter with purpose-built solutions and training. Powerful tools and ideas for integration can show you the way.

Improve performance.

Leverage our partners’ technical prowess in Relativity. They’ll help you align your tech, people, and processes with your business priorities – and prevent common missteps.

Enhance user experiences.

With a partner on the front lines every day, you’ll always have answers to the toughest questions. Optimize your experience with the best practices and customizations they’ve picked up along the way.

Choose the Right Fit for Your Organization

Our partners offer a broad range of services and solutions to help you reach your goals faster.


Maximize the value of your RelativityOne or Relativity Trace subscription.

Cloud Solutions

Access RelativityOne through a partner for one-stop support.


Let a partner host Relativity Server for you.

Custom Development

Meet your biggest challenges with custom apps, built just for you.