Forcyd assists clients in handling complex and large-scale matters involving vast amounts of data and digital evidence. We analyze, enrich, and review information and deliver our clients actionable results. With experts in the fields of analytics, legal and eDiscovery and combined with our extensive international reviewer network we assist global law firms and multinational corporations with value-add cyber and legal services with offices and document review centres in Amsterdam, Brussels and London. We assist a broad range of clients and industries such Financial Services and Insurance, Oil-gas-chemicals, high-end technology, as well as automotive and global online platforms. Please contact or visit for more information.


  • Full service eDiscovery technology portfolio from collection to production
  • Managed review and review staffing
  • Custom Relativity app development for niche applications in EU legal system
  • Reviewer network covering 30+ countries and languages globally
  • Cyber Forensics and 24/7 cyber incident response services
  • Review setup, management and advisory
  • White label eDiscovery services, advisory and training

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RelativityOne - Netherlands

Bas Sluijsmans
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