H5 helps corporations and law firms address the complex litigation and investigation challenges created by electronic data. With expertise in eDiscovery, technology-assisted review, expert search-as-a-service and a growing portfolio of data and matter management products, H5 is dedicated to helping corporate and law firm clients find and manage the information they need to win cases, meet regulatory requirements and address risks before they become liabilities. H5 has supported clients through some of the largest and most complex matters in history and is committed to providing creative and customized solutions to ensure accurate, cost-effective and speedy results. This commitment has resulted in the development and recent launch of H5 Matter Intelligence®, an advanced eDiscovery product that enhances the user experience by providing increased visibility, control and collaboration for Relativity-hosted matters.


  • Relativity hosting services for the purposes of investigations, litigation, and regulatory compliance
  • Proprietary resource management and collaboration solutions, via the H5 Matter Intelligence application
  • Managed Relativity infrastructure services (IaaS) to empower clients with the ability to operate Relativity without need for owning and administrating the underlying infrastructure
  • Multi-matter repository hosting and management services via H5’s Unified Matter Repository (UMR) offering, designed to help clients reuse data and work product across matters
  • Relativity Assisted Review and Relativity Analytics indexing services
  • Technology-assisted Review (TAR) advisory services to support clients in their use of Relativity Assisted Review and Relativity Analytics
  • Early Case Assessment (ECA) advisory services to help clients design and defend sophisticated culling techniques to help reduce data volumes that must be submitted to review and hosting
  • Hosting environment conversion services to help clients migrate content from a non-Relativity hosting platform into Relativity
  • Mobile end-to-end Relativity hosting solutions for international onsite eDiscovery and review needs
  • Automated document redaction services via Milyli’s Blackout solution

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