iDiscover, LLC has built its business by providing cost efficiencies, reduced risk and strategic advantage to repeat customers on mission critical cases. We provide eDiscovery services including collection, early case assessment, analysis, processing, review, and production. By employing our own processing technology (Invariant™), iDiscover brings a level of flexibility, control and support beyond that which other service providers are capable. The Invariant system can take in almost any type of data and export to any known format while capturing more investigative data in the process. The iDiscover system is fast and secure with extensive culling and filtering capabilities that routinely reduce datasets to a small fraction of their original size. In conjunction, we are recognized as a Relativity Best In Service provider in 2010 with high marks in hosting speed, user experience, and customer service. iDiscover is committed to exceeding the expectations of customers with the entire range of our eDiscovery solutions. Contact iDiscover to learn more about our superior value and the strategic advantage we supply while keeping the investment of time and money to a minimum.


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