iDISCOVER is a global leader in e-discovery software and services, providing mission-critical e-discovery support in complex intellectual property, antitrust, class-actions, international legal disputes, and regulatory investigations. We work with Am Law 100 Firms, Fortune 500 companies, boutique law offices, and government entities.

We began in Phoenix, Arizona as a data hosting and processing company for law firms and corporations. Since then, we’ve grown strategically, expanding our services to meet industry demands for cutting-edge discovery technology and end-to-end eDiscovery services. We specialize in creating best-of-breed data-processing technology. In 2010, we developed Invariant, a processing technology that’s integrated into Relativity. Today, we offer our processing engine Lumix which allows you to quickly and accurately process terabytes of complex data in a matter of days.

With data centers in the US and Europe, we have the full capability to provide comprehensive e-discovery services to our clients.

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