Intellectual Data is the first Korean eDiscovery services provider in Korea. We specialize in providing end-to-end eDiscovery services for each client’s custom IT environment with Korean legal industry expertise and experiences to support cross-border legal disputes. Our robust security and technology practice in place provide the client a comprehensive suite of secured environment of client’s data and cost-effective solutions to eDiscovery, data analytics and other litigation support needs in Korea.

Additionally, Intellectual Data has full capability of handling end-to-end eDiscovery process solely in Korea avoiding any legal or security risks associated with sending data cross-borders. With the extensive support in Korea and US regions, Intellectual Data provides clients 24/7 real-time support provisioning any review support needs in both US and Korea. Please visit for more information.


  • Cross-border eDiscovery services
  • Legal Hold Services
  • AI-assisted review services
  • Advanced Data Analytics – Data Cleansing / Text Mining / Machine Learning
  • Mobile Forensic Services
  • Managed Review Services

Data Centers

Seoul, South Korea

Dongseop Lee

Sang Seo

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  • Relativity Server

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Relativity Cefrtified Partner

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