Member firms of KPMG International are part of a global network spanning 150 countries offering advisory and technical services. We have been providing the full range of EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) services for over a decade. Our highly trained team members include skilled industry specialists. KPMG’s Forensic Technology Services teams offer end-to-end technology solutions, process capability, and program support to help our clients reduce the risks and costs (in capital, time, and resources) associated with managing large volumes of data in complex litigation, investigations, and regulatory proceedings. Our ability to deliver consistent and predictable processes, flexibility and scalability, and superior project management has resulted in reduced costs and mitigated risks for our clients.

Data Centers


Montvale, New Jersey

Kelli Brooks
(562) 370-2535

Dallas, Texas

Charles Meier

KPMG Forensic Inc. Canada

Toronto, Canada

Dominic Jaar
(514) 840-2262

KPMG Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Kazuma Yoshioka
+81 3 3548 5773

KPMG Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Antonio Gesteira
+55 11 3940-3316

KPMG Colombia

Bogota, Colombia

Diego Ríos

KPMG Singapore


Eddie Toh

KPMG France

Paris, France

Karine Martelet
+33 1 55 68 92 29

KPMG Switzerland

Z├╝rich, Switzerland

Nico Van der Beken
+41 58 249 75 76


London, UK

Darren Pauling
+44 20 7694 5565

KPMG South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

Jung Wo (Jay) Ko
+82 2211 26756

KPMG China

Shanghai, China

Dakai Liu

KPMG Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Ravindranath Patil

KPMG Australia

Sydney, Australia

Michael Khoury
+61 2 9458 1572

RelativityOne - Australia

Michael Khoury
+61 2 9458 1572

KPMG Ireland

RelativityOne - Netherlands

Paul Hough
+353 87 050 4268

KPMG New Zealand

RelativityOne - Australia

Mike Lowe
+64 9 363 3282

KPMG India

Mumbai, India

Jagvinder Brar

KPMG Germany

Berlin, Germany

Alexander Geschonneck
+49 30 2068-1520

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Relativity Processing Specialist (4)
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