Law In Order use the latest technology and most advanced document and digital solutions to provide elegantly simple solutions with rapid turnarounds to support winning outcomes for your legal team.

Our clients, whether global corporations or law firms, a government agency or sole practitioner, have constant access to the most progressive solutions available to the legal profession tailored to your needs and budget. We can help you maximise your chances of success while you keep costs down.

Our eDiscovery and analytics solutions help clients manage their matters and strengthen their claims as well as save time, resources and money. We help you stay in control of your information by combining collaborative tools with powerful search techniques to help the litigation process run smoothly.

We can provide you with Relativity’s latest features administered by high-proficiency Relativity Certified Administrators. Our certification guarantees you high level customer service and performance through Relativity’s customer service auditing and performance checking.

With offices across Australia and offshore, we have the capacity and depth of expertise to turnaround high volume work and meet the tightest of deadlines seamlessly and efficiently.

Gain competitive advantage:

  • We use the latest technologies available in the most effective manner
  • We provide unparalleled support from industry experts
  • We have the ability to provide a high value but lower cost service to clients
  • We operate 24/7, 365 days a year

Data Centers

RelativityOne - Australia

Murali Baddula
+61 2 9223 9200

Product Offerings:

  • RelativityOne

Partner Type

RelativityOne Gold Partner Relativity Cefrtified Partner

Partner Since 2009

Relativity Certifications

Relativity Masters (2)
Relativity Experts (1)
Relativity Certified Administrator (4)
Relativity Analytics Specialist (3)
Relativity Data Management Specialist (1)
Relativity Infrastructure Specialist (1)
Relativity Processing Specialist (6)
Relativity Project Management Specialist (2)
Relativity Review Management Specialist (7)
RelativityOne Certified Pro (12)
RelativityOne Review Pro (11)
Relativity Certified Sales Pro (12)
Relativity Data Breach Response Pro (1)
Relativity Certified Trainer (2)

Third-Party Certifications

RelativityOne - Australia

  • ISO 27001:2013

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