About London Legal

London Legal delivers industry-leading e-discovery and litigation support services; providing end-to-end technology solutions and a consultative service to law firms and corporations. Based in the heart of the Square Mile London, our location provides clients with a trusted, speedy service from secure premises. Drawing on years of experience, our experts can manage projects on a global scale using the latest innovations in eDiscovery software across every stage of the Electronic Disclosure Reference Model (EDRM). A tier 3 data centre provides a secure hosting environment, ensuring a safe and performant solution to meet the demanding data challenges of your e-discovery projects.

Working alongside our eDiscovery team, we also provide full in-house document solution services which includes reprographics, digital printing and scanning, on-site & off-site coding and unitisation, electronic archiving & e-bibles. Thus ensuring all your litigation requirements are encompassed from a single provider who maintains control over the quality of work and service.

For more information, please visit www.london-legal.co.uk.


  • Litigation readiness: Data profiling and mapping, e-discovery readiness assessments
  • Digital forensic: Data collection, file extraction & analysis, investigations
  • Data processing and early case assessment
  • Project management & document review management services
  • e-Discovery advisory services: Strategy and workflow development
  • Managed services
  • Secure online document review

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