Meta-e Discovery offers innovative, scalable and cost-effective discovery management solutions for any size law firm, leveling the playing field with opposing counsel.  With decades of experience facing challenges from every type of opponent, in Federal and State courts alike, we've developed exclusive, court-tested methods and tools, enabling you to litigate your case effectively and efficiently. If it happens in discovery, we have already done it, and done it well.

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  • Discovery consulting on the best uses of technology to efficiently identify, collect and load data.
  • The best uses of technology assisted review and analytics to classify data in the most cost-effective manner.
  • The use of Relativity Analytics to analyze, search and classify foreign language data without costly translations.
  • Assist teams to assess incoming production data to ascertain compliance with technical production specifications, adherence to document requests and other extremely valuable metrics.
  • Customize document review workflow to each matter based on the matter’s unique aspects and utilizing the various tools within Relativity as well as with partners for maximum efficiency at the least cost.

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