From its inception in 2007 as Cobra Legal Solutions, Purpose Legal was a vision brought to life by trailblazing BigLaw attorneys. They saw beyond the confines of traditional legal services and imagined a more efficient, innovative, and client-centric future. They acted on that vision, pioneering a fresh approach to legal service delivery that today stands as a beacon of excellence in the industry.

At the heart of our origin story is our commitment to forging lasting partnerships. It's a testament to our quality and dedication that our very first client, Fidelity Investments, remains an active partner to this day, underscoring the trust and value we offer.

We began our journey by leveraging the meticulous skill of Indian attorneys in Chennai, specializing in eDiscovery, contract documents, and legal research. Recognizing the growing demand for localized expertise, we expanded our horizons in 2017 and 2018 by inaugurating two review centers in Austin and Charlotte, bringing US-based attorney reviews to the forefront of our services.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence and growth hasn't gone unnoticed. In 2020, Purpose Legal proudly joined the ranks of the Inc5000 list of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies, boasting an astounding 487% revenue growth. That same momentum attracted a significant 8-digit growth capital from Blue Sage Capital in 2021, marking us as their pioneering legal platform company. Our evolution continued as we acquired Digital Discovery in Dallas, integrating their two decades of expertise in forensics and collections into our suite of services.

By 2022, our accomplishments once again placed us on the Inc5000 list, a reaffirmation of our unwavering commitment to innovation and client satisfaction. This pivotal year also saw us transition our headquarters from Austin to Dallas, enhancing our operational efficiency.

Today, Purpose Legal stands proud with a talented, majority-diverse team of almost 400 professionals, predominantly female, spanning across the globe. We continue to uphold our founding values, delivering unparalleled eDiscovery, contract and due diligence, document review, and legal services powered by state-of-the-art technology. Operating from our base in Dallas, TX, our team continually strives to create an inclusive environment that champions achievement and fosters professional evolution.

Purpose enables corporations and law firms to adopt and implement best practices in eDiscovery by leveraging industry-leading technology, data analytics and prioritization, workflow process optimization, and overall discovery cost reductions. Purpose’s diverse team of like-minded professionals combine deep experience in eDiscovery, contracts and due diligence, document review, legal research, and technology to deliver consistent, measurable results for corporate legal departments and their outside counsel. Specific areas that distinguish Purpose from other providers:

Innovation. Purpose is a tech prescriptive company. We continuously evaluate new tools, ensuring that we identify, test, and implement the industry’s most productive and advanced technologies. We utilize Relativity, Reveal, Everlaw and Brainspace, to name a few, and have invested in people with the expertise to build world-class workflows around these tools. Our advances in data search and document review optimization are fostered by our commitment to continuous innovation.

Quality. Purpose has developed and implemented an innovative and specialized Quality Control process throughout the lifecycle of a project that allows us to effectively identify and address errors as they occur. Furthermore, we have an additional and redundant production QC process. Our unique approach alleviates the need for large scale rework, quickly and effectively correcting issues as they are identified in real-time. Errors are documented, tracked, and reported across all levels.

Efficiency. Purpose consistently operates in a high-speed, quality driven environment. We have mastered the management of complex, fast-moving litigations. Purpose’s infrastructure allows us to support the weight of Fortune 500 companies without limiting our other clients’ resources. Dedicated network connections ensure the fastest possible transfer speeds between our data center, our offices, and the cloud.

Partnership. Purpose’s partnership methodology revolves around proactive and consultative communication about every phase of the EDRM. Our goal is to be your trusted advisor and partner, an extension of your team, throughout the discovery cycle. We accomplish this by providing support around data minimization strategies, creating advanced workflows, extensive production QC and high responsiveness and planning. Overall, the team brings significant discovery related experience from private law firms, corporations, government agencies, and the litigation consulting industry. Security. Securing our client’s data is our top priority. Our systems and infrastructure have continuously maintained ISO 9001, 27001 and SOC2 Type II Certifications through adherence to the highest security standards and protocols. Our state-of-the-art facilities are complete with CCTV cameras under 24/7 surveillance and all entry points are secured via biometric and RF ID card scanners.

As we look to the future, the sky is truly the limit for Purpose Legal. Our commitment to redefining the realm of legal support services remains unwavering, ensuring that our trajectory is ever upward, ever forward. If you should have any questions as you go through our company overview and service offerings, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service!


  • Risk Assessment & Compliance: Evaluating clients' eDiscovery processes to identify vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.
  • Review Protocol Advisory: Offering guidance on optimizing document review workflows, including prioritization strategies and quality control.
  • Custom Application Development: Designing bespoke applications tailored to clients' specific needs that operate seamlessly within the Relativity platform.
  • Integration Services: Integrating third-party tools or software with the Relativity platform to enhance functionality and streamline operations.
  • Training & Support: Providing hands-on training for legal teams and IT staff on effectively leveraging Relativity for their eDiscovery needs.
  • Managed Document Review: Overseeing the entire document review process within Relativity, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and compliance.
  • Data Processing & Hosting: Offering services related to the ingestion, processing, and hosting of clients' data within the Relativity environment.
  • Analytics and Predictive Coding: Leveraging Relativity's advanced analytics features to streamline the review process and enhance the accuracy of document classification.
  • Reporting & Visualization: Creating custom reports and dashboards within Relativity to offer clients real-time insights into their eDiscovery projects.
  • Migration Services: Assisting clients in migrating their data and workflows from other eDiscovery platforms to Relativity or ensuring smooth upgrades within Relativity.

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