PwC is a global-orientated legal technology service provider. Electronically stored information (ESI) is growing fast and so is the challenge to manage ESI. More often than not, critical business applications are designed for business needs and not for crisis management. PwC has a reputation to help clients managing vast amounts of data in situations of crisis, either as consequence of regulator scrutiny, or other investigative and litigation needs. PwC is distinctive by combining technical, investigative, forensic accounting and legal skills, and experience in dealing with cross-border data challenges. We bring a professional, holistic approach by offering the full spectrum of e-discovery and information management-related services. This includes data mining and analytics services, computer forensic and eDiscovery solutions, a cyber crime and data breach response team, and information risk management-related services. PwC has offices in over 150 countries, and our forensic technology presence includes over 350 professionals spanning 35 countries. We are capable of leveraging forensic data labs worldwide in order to identify, preserve, retrieve and analyze a wide array of information in a forensically sound way.

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PwC Advisory Services LLC (US)

Chicago, IL

Bryan Humphrey
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Dhruv Chawla
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Hong Kong

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Tokyo, Japan

Yuichi Ikeda

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