Repario is a trusted global eDiscovery service provider, with a strong reputation for providing end-to-end solutions to navigate the complex world of electronic discovery. Our experienced professionals have the expertise and knowledge to handle every aspect of eDiscovery, from data collection and processing to document review and production. In addition to our technical expertise, we offer various consulting services to help our clients develop and implement effective eDiscovery strategies.

Repario was created through the integration of multiple industry leading eDiscovery solutions, technology and service companies (Teris, Elijah, Meta-e, and Modus), led by an experienced team with a shared vision for a renewed market focus on client-centered service.

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  • Forensic Data Collection & Investigations
  • eDiscovery Processing, Filtering & Reduction
  • Search-term Consulting & Early Case Assessment
  • Managed Document Review Services
  • Innovative Data Analytics & Review Optimization
  • Cascading Active Learning projects for Issue Identification
  • Integrated & Transferrable Active Learning Models
  • Witness Kit & Deposition Preparation with Case Dynamics
  • Relativity Legal Hold
  • RelativityOne

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Donte Hubbard, Chief Revenue Officer

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