vdiscovery is a nationwide provider of proprietary and bespoke solutions for computer forensics, electronic discovery, and document review.  We have, for 45 years, brought deep expertise, efficient solutions, and exceptional client experience to corporations and law firms in the world’s most demanding litigation market.  With over eight years as a Certified Partner, vdiscovery supports our clients around the clock with Relativity Certified Administrators and a precise quality control protocol.  In addition, our expert consultants can develop needed software and complex workflow solutions on-demand to best serve our clients, and theirs, with a scope and quality unparalleled in today’s market.  Rely on vdiscovery’s strengths and efficiently uncover the evidence you need to make your best case.  For more information, visit www.vdiscovery.com.



  • In-house advisory consulting services on various review protocols ranging from small review teams to multi-party and contract reviewers.
  • VECA, proprietary tool aiding seamless Relativity culling of device metadata exported from EnCase, developed on and integrated within Relativity.
  • BatchGuru, acclaimed software set extending Relativity’s functionality, developed on and integrated within Relativity.
  • Trailprep Manager, a noteworthy solution for speedy PDF management, allows for native files and searchable PDFs to be available for download without waiting for PDF creation. This solution is developed on and integrated within Relativity.
  • In-house advisory group assists in leveraging RAR on large matters, drawing on years of experience with the Relativity platform.

Data Centers

New York, New York

Michael Wright
(212) 220-6111

Product Offerings:

  • Relativity Server

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Relativity Cefrtified Partner

Partner Since 2009

Relativity Certifications

Relativity Masters (1)
Relativity Certified Administrator (6)
Relativity Analytics Specialist (1)
Relativity Infrastructure Specialist (1)
Relativity Processing Specialist (1)
Relativity Project Management Specialist (1)
Relativity Review Management Specialist (2)
RelativityOne Certified Pro (1)
RelativityOne Review Pro (1)
Relativity Certified Sales Pro (2)
Relativity Certified Trainer (4)

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