When Hogan Lovells and Control Risks took on a major global investigation in Brazil, their goal was to untangle the story behind more than 650 custodians, comprising about 225 TB of data from 2,030 data sources, while maintaining close collaboration with more than 20 different stakeholder organizations. They had 5 months to file their client’s financial statements with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and knew they needed a centralized repository flexible enough to bring together a lot of different work streams, including non-electronic information, along with data analytics capabilities to help them reach the heart of the story. After collecting and imaging the data, the team put Relativity at the hub of the investigation to create a complete view of the story—cutting through irrelevant data in more than 30,000,000 documents, and prioritizing key information for the investigative team to review. The legal team quickly and accurately produced documents to multiple regulatory agencies in both the United States and Brazil, ultimately meeting their submission deadline and preventing their client from being delisted on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

"When you're dealing with allegations of improper payments, you need to follow the money. Relativity gives us the flexibility to look across an entire universe of data and use Analytics to reveal important behavioral trends that happen between structured and unstructured data."
MASON PAN, Director

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