During a large price-fixing antitrust matter involving more than 12 corporate defendants, JND eDiscovery's client received more than 1.6 million emails across more than 60 productions. JND was tasked with culling the data set for review within their client's two-week deadline. Email threading in RelativityOne helped eliminate redundant content: the feature found that 47 percent of the emails in the set contained content that wasn't unique. Reducing the document count by half saved JND and their client an estimated 12,500 hours in review time.

"Email threading is a de facto value add for our cases. Similar to de-duplication and NIST filtration, email threading is an objective culling technique in that it doesn’t require sampling or statistical validation. We’re simply removing redundant content. In this case, threading drove deep cost savings for our client. The math speaks for itself. Threading is a no-brainer."
BEN SEXTON, Vice President of eDiscovery and Analytics

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