A renowned law firm in Canada was gearing up for a high-stakes arbitration with more than 80,000 documents to review and a looming two-week deadline for production. The firm struggled to find an efficient way to meet their tight timeline and turned to Ricoh for guidance.

Ricoh seized this opportunity to work with their client and apply a customized Relativity active learning workflow that quickly helped categorize the entire universe of documents. By continually learning from the firm’s coding decisions, in real time, active learning delivered the documents that mattered most for production. Ultimately, Ricoh sent the firm’s reviewers just 4 percent of the original document set to review to accomplish this.

A full linear review would have taken a large team over a month. Instead, Ricoh and their client completed the review in just five days and met their production deadline two days early.

Ricoh eDiscovery Active Learning

“This approach to review was groundbreaking for us. Our team had little experience with Analytics and was facing an unrealistic deadline. We could have never met the deadline nor achieved the quality of results without active learning.”

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