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Eliminated 99% of the data and pinpointed assets the defendant was hiding.

Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green thought they were in the clear after winning a $12 million judgment for their client, but when the defendant claimed to have no means of payment, they were tasked with locating any hidden assets. Identifying about 9 million documents from 30 different computers, Sheehan Phinney used filters in Relativity Processing and concept searching in Relativity Analytics to cull the data to 40,000 documents—a much more manageable data set for their review team of 4. Needing to form a clear picture of the defendant’s financials, the firm used email thread visualization to organize, code, and investigate several complex email threads, some with thousands of documents. The visualizations allowed Sheehan Phinney to identify key conversations and additional revenue streams, assets, and entities the defendant was using, thereby uncovering the attempt to deceive their client.


“Email threading in Relativity is powerful because it forms the data into a cohesive story, and then visualizations help you find all the subplots and twists—it would have been near impossible for us to connect the dots in this case without it.”
CHARLES STEWART, Manager of Electronic Discovery Services

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