Supporting Ukraine

We stand with the people of Ukraine and support those impacted by this devastating humanitarian crisis. Millions of displaced refugees are relocating to Poland, where Relativity has a significant presence.

Let’s partner to make a difference.

Support from Relativity

We have over 250 team members in Poland, many of whom have been working tirelessly to provide urgent humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees, including housing, food, and supplies. Relativity is supporting their incredible efforts through a stipend to ease expenses. In addition, Relativians around the globe have been making generous financial donations to the “Help Ukraine” fund via our company’s philanthropic platform, Benevity, which have been matched by Relativity and its investors. The needs in the region are extensive, and our team members on the ground have selflessly upended their lives to help in any way they can. We want to do more.

Support from You

We invite you to join us in addressing the immediate and long-term needs of the Ukrainian people by making a donation via our philanthropic platform, Benevity, or directly to one of our partnering organizations. Our intent is to simplify the process for you, and your donations will help us amplify our efforts and make a meaningful difference. (Please note that Relativity and its investors recently concluded a campaign to match up to $1 million in donations from our community in support of Ukrainian refugees. While the matching opportunity has passed, the needs in the region are ongoing, and we appreciate your continued generosity.)

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Hear from Relativians in Poland


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Donate through our easy, secure philanthropic platform. Benevity will track cumulative donations.


Relativity has over 250 team members based in Poland, many of whom are volunteering in some capacity to offer humanitarian aid and support to Ukrainian refugees. We want to empower them to continue their efforts.

Benevity is an online giving and volunteering portal used by over 750 organizations such as Relativity, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Nike to help millions of individuals connect with the causes they care about most. Funds donated through Relativity’s Benevity Community Impact Portal are securely transferred to selected non-profits through Benevity’s regional foundations.

Donors will receive a donation acknowledgement or tax receipt (pending their location, the non-profit's location, and the currency of the donation) immediately from a regional foundation (e.g., American Online Giving Foundation). The non-profit will receive one disbursement from all individuals and organizations donating to them across the Benevity platform. This single disbursement, especially during a time of crisis, allows the organization to focus on their mission versus the administrative requirements of processing donations.

There are many organizations taking on this important work. Relativity is supporting a number through various efforts and has chosen three organizations for this campaign: Razom, Direct Relief, and Polish Humanitarian Action via CAF America. These organizations have been thoroughly vetted and selected based on their demonstrated ability to quickly distribute aid to those who need it the most.

  • Razom – Razom was born out of the Revolution of Dignity in 2014. Razom has an emergency response in place to amplify the voices of Ukrainians and to provide critical medical supplies.
  • Direct Relief - Direct Relief works in the U.S. and internationally to equip doctors and nurses with life-saving medical resources to care for the world’s most vulnerable people. Direct Relief has deployed more than 30 tons of medical aide to Ukraine since the invasion began.
  • Polish Humanitarian Action* (by way of CAF) – this organization provides aid to people suffering from armed conflicts and natural disasters, and are currently focusing their efforts on supporting people who had to leave their homes in Ukraine with humanitarian aid. *Please note – to be eligible for charitable tax benefits in the U.S., donations to Polish Humanitarian Action are routed through CAF America, a U.S. public charity that facilitates cross-border giving.

We encourage all donors to do their own research on the organizations to which they donate. Relativity has connected with these organizations directly and chosen to partner with Benevity as part of its due diligence efforts.

Benevity engages a number of due diligence processes to safeguard the integrity of the platform. These include:

  • Vetting organizations – ensures included charities and non-profits are rigorously vetted in a multi-step process to confirm authenticity, good standing with local governments, and risk monitoring.
  • Adherence to embargoes and watch lists – Benevity adheres to embargos instituted by the United Nations, the European Union, and the United States. Monthly scans of over 1,200 watch lists are performed, including an additional scan before any donations are disbursed.
  • Verifying charity representatives – Benevity has a multi-step onboarding process that verifies the identity of individuals claiming an organization’s profile in their database.
  • Removal of hate groups – in addition to the 1,200 watch lists that are scanned, Benevity automatically removes any organization listed as a Southern Poverty Law Center hate/extremist group.

We invite you to email with more information about your work. If we believe we can help, we will certainly reach out.