Black at Relativity (BRel)

Black Community

BRel stands for Blacks at Relativity. Our goal is to expand and empower the Black professionals at Relativity and within the Chicago community. We provide a collaborative environment for employees of color to elevate their leadership, team-building skills, and careers through a supportive network across the company. We work to make Relativity an inclusive place for all by fostering a workplace environment that encourage open dialogue to learn with allies on how to improve diversity and equality.

Lamar Jordan

“I feel the work we are doing in BRel is important to our Black community. When Black professionals work and support each other, it empowers us to do more and strive to do better.”
LAMAR JORDAN, Infrastructure Engineer and Co-Chair, Blacks at Relativity

Black at Relativity | Meeting
Black at Relativity | Illinois Basketball Game

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