Relativity Pride

LGBTQI+ Community

Our mission is to educate all Relativians, engage and advocate for our community, and push the boundaries of allyship and inclusion. We want LGBTQI+ employees in every department and on every team to feel comfortable being authentic from day one at Relativity – and for every Relativian to have a deep understanding of the LGBTQI+ experience.

Ken Diedrich

“Relativity Pride is creating a culture where everyone feels included and able to be themselves. Our colleagues are able to comfortably talk about their personal lives and partners without worrying about how their colleagues might react. Our events promote Pride education, awareness, and engagement, and they have helped grow the number of allies in our community. Adoption of concepts like Personal Gender Pronouns and Ally Pins have become a visible, impactful way for Relativians to show that they understand and support the LGBTQI+ experience.”
KEN DIEDRICH, Senior Software Project Manager and Colleagues Co-Chair, Relativity Pride

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