Relativity for Information Governance

Clear insights. Concise decisions. Confident security.

Spend less time thinking about your DMS with InfoGov – a seamless information governance solution. Data decisions have never been simpler.

Protect Your Digital Workplace

Centralize and secure your data management systems in one location, with one experience.

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Increase security

Get key intel without stitching data together. InfoGov merges your disparate systems into a holistic view so you can monitor data types, content, and permissions in one shot.
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Act fast

Jump into action the moment your organization’s security is in jeopardy. Real-time activity alerts give you that instant insight you need.
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Save time & money

Spend less time analyzing activity and monitoring security. Plus, save on storage costs by defensibly deleting data as you go. Time = money. InfoGov saves you both.

Risk Management Made Easy

Watch data and user actions unfold in real-time.

Leverage unique analytics

Use advanced insights to change the way your organization interacts with data and eliminate risk. Custom reports and visualizations give you all the transparency you need.

Set alerts for suspicious activity

Improve security and compliance by automatically classifying your organization’s sensitive data and acting on user activity right away. Discover what info has value, where it lives, and who has access to it.

Mitigate risk in your DMS

Address all your data-related issues with one complete system. Through an integrated admin experience with your DMS, InfoGov proactively lessens the risk of exposing users’ confidential information.

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