Text IQ's AI-powered privacy, security, and data discovery technology is now a part of Relativity.

Text IQ at Relativity

From privilege to privacy, reduce risk by staying on top of your most sensitive data.

Relativity’s suite of artificial intelligence workflows helps prevent data surprises from causing irreparable damage.

Identify and Protect Sensitive Information

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Risk reduction you can trust

Improve accuracy with AI-driven document review and limit the need for manual quality checks while shielding against undue risks.

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More time on your side

By automating document reviews for privilege, data breach, and personal information, your team can focus on strategy and innovation.

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Review smarter

AI understands context and relationships by harnessing the power of Text IQ's socio-linguistic hypergraph technology.

How Top Organizations Use Text IQ

Organizations across the Fortune 500 and Am Law 200 trust the Text IQ product set for their litigation, data breach, and privacy needs. Its flexibility can also cover common information governance and discovery workflows like entity discovery, privilege logs, and second requests.

Organizations are utilizing Text IQ’s AI to proactively tag documents, achieving significant time and cost efficiencies downstream.

Watch this clip from the Relativity Fest London keynote to learn more about how it works.

Find the Needle in Any Haystack

Manage your most sensitive information to mitigate risk and act with confidence. Text IQ's socio-linguistic hypergraph extracts complete social networks from unstructured data, understanding context and relationships between individuals and how they communicate – beyond just the words on the page.

Text IQ for Privilege

Streamline privilege from review to production

Automatically identify and redact personal information, personal health information, and even special category data with ease.

  • Leverage AI for 99.9% accuracy and 60% faster privilege identification
  • Focus more on case strategy with Text IQ’s privilege scoring and reasons and draft privilege logs
  • Meet tight second request deadlines with ease with higher accuracy and consistency
  • Get the must-have Guide to AI for General Counsels
Relativity Data Breach

Text IQ for Data Breach

Reduce review time by as much as 75%

  • Gain data breach assessment clarity quickly and accurately
  • Notify affected entities based on data insights
  • Automate PI identification and entity normalization, linkage, and deduplication
  • Learn more about Text IQ for Data Breach
Relativity Data Breach

Text IQ for Personal Information

Protect your most sensitive or confidential information

  • Leverage the industry’s most comprehensive redaction capabilities to protect PI and adhere to evolving global privacy regulations
  • Discover and redact sensitive, confidential, special category, and combination data at scale
  • Identify all instances of a requester’s PI in structured and unstructured data to respond to DSARs accurately and efficiently
  • Learn how automating redaction can mitigate risk while saving time and money
Relativity Data Breach

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