Cybersecurity at Relativity

Staying one step ahead

With the average cost of a data breach ringing in at around US$5 million, there’s no room for error in today’s relentless threat landscape. Relativity’s cybersecurity team is built around proactive defense to give you peace of mind.

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Proactive Processes

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Threat Modeling

Our threat modeling procedures help us plan for attacks and determine how to slow them down, or better yet: prevent them altogether. We refine our models continuously – so as attackers get savvier, we stay one step ahead.

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Zero-Trust Architecture

Call us skeptics, but before we trust, we need to verify. We continuously validate every stage of digital interaction, providing layers of protection within our organization and resulting in even higher levels of security for our customers.

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Defense in (Greater) Depth

Defense in depth means security controls at every layer – and we take that a few steps deeper with advanced security programs and tools.

  • Next-generation and web application firewalls to defend our perimeter and stop attackers in their tracks
  • Real-time detection of defects, compliance misconfigurations, and attacks
  • Inline network security groups that define strict permissions and system accessibility
  • Real-time scanning endpoint detections and response

Proactive Intelligence

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Multiple Sources of Intelligence

Our cyber detection and automation teams use multiple threat intelligence sources – from Recorded Future, Microsoft Threat Intelligence, and communities such as IT-ISAC – to give us even more confidence in everyday cyber decision making.

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Protecting Customers by Name

We’re constantly on the lookout to protect not just Relativity’s brand, but our customers’ brands as well. We proactively monitor our threat intelligence platforms for mentions of our customers, and immediately inform anyone who pops up.

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Serving the Community

Our free-to-use threat intelligence platform continuously monitors more than 200 intelligence data feeds – with new data pouring in constantly. The platform provides real-time access to actionable insights, alerts, and expert analysis.

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Dark Web Analysis

We scour Tor sites, hacker forums, paste sites, and anywhere else a hacker might lurk for suspicious behavior, breach indicators, and credential dumps. Keeping an eye on the dark web helps us learn from cybercriminals, keep up with evolving threats, and act in real time.

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Internal Threat Analysis

Threats don’t only come from the outside in, so we keep a close profile on the behaviors and activities of our own community to protect against insider threats and ensure our intellectual property is always secure.

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Strong Connections

We work with other tech platforms and their expert communities – such as Azure Security Center, Recorded Future, Anomali, and Signal Sciences – to gain early intel into the spaces where threat actors communicate, plan, and execute cyber activities.

Proactive Alliances

Calder7 is part of a network of cybersecurity professionals, and we regularly share events and indicators of compromise, output of analyses, and regular educational offerings. In return, we receive invaluable insight into threats in the wild and have the chance to help increase security around the globe.

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Relativity Security: Information Technology and Information Sharing and Analysis Center - Logo

Information Technology and Information Sharing and Analysis Center

A forum for managing risks and strengthening IT infrastructure through cyber-information sharing and analysis.

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Mitre Attack

An adversary behavior framework that helps us understand risks, plan, verify defense, and help the community take a proactive defensive stance.

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Open Web Application Security Project

An organization that provides unbiased and practical cost-effective information about computer and internet applications.

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Cloud Security Alliance

A not-for-profit organization that promotes best practices for securely operating in a cloud environment.

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A member-driven community that shares actionable cyberthreat and systems vulnerability information among law firms for their mutual defense.

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