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Relativity Trace for Communication Surveillance

Relativity Trace

Detect market abuse the moment it happens.

Relativity Trace detects insider trading, collusion, and other non-compliant behavior in real-time. Use it to automatically surface the riskiest content and help your compliance officers focus on what really matters.

Reduce Review Time, Pinpoint Risk

Spend less time on irrelevant info and more time on the alerts that matter. Trace continuously refines its understanding of what constitutes a compliance violation – and surfaces the most relevant data for you to review.

Prioritize the riskiest content.

Use machine learning to instantly rank every new communication by risk, based on how your team has coded prior alerts.

Reduce false positives.

Automatically remove disclaimers, confidentiality footers, and spam from your communications, so you can focus on what matters most.

Catch codewords & hidden meanings.

Search terms won’t get you far if there are codewords in the mix. Trace’s AI analyzes and learns from concepts, so you can identify those innocuous terms.

Cut alert volumes in half.

Don’t review multiple emails in a single conversation. Trace only alerts you to the most inclusive message, giving you everything you need in one thread.

Configure Trace to Your Unique Needs, Every Step of the Way

There’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to communication surveillance.

Protect privileged information

Choose which employees receive alerts and escalations based on location, language, department, data sources, and any other type of metadata.

Zero in on what matters most to you.

Every organization has different criteria for what constitutes a regulatory compliance violation. Leverage our pre-made surveillance policies or build your own to detect any type of misconduct.

Get deeper insight with advanced visualizations.

Map your data by concepts and create custom visualizations to gain more clarity into complicated threads.

Seamlessly Move from Alert to Investigation

Relativity Trace and Relativity combine into one powerful solution for proactive compliance monitoring and investigations. When an alert escalates, open up an inquiry within Trace to pull all your communications into one cohesive case.

Think an investigation is warranted? Move that inquiry into your e-discovery workspace without ever leaving the system.

Multiple Data Sources? Multiple Languages?

We’ve got you covered.

40+ Comm Channels

Monitor 900+ File Types

Identify 170+ Languages

Transcribe 12 Languages

Translate 26 Languages

How to Build an AI-Based Surveillance Strategy

Level up your surveillance strategy with AI & analytics to quickly identify misconduct and make your team more efficient.

in-Focus Report: Surveillance in a Post-COVID World

This report sets out the challenges surveillance faces in both a locked down and post-pandemic world, and the tech and work practices that could help them meet the new normal head on.

Secure, Confident Compliance

Microsoft Information Protection is data security’s best friend – but encryption makes life hard for your compliance team. With Trace, you can securely decrypt MIP content and analyze it for risk. Because compliance should never come at the cost of security.

It’s all part of working with Relativity, a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association.

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