Relativity Certified Sales Professional Certification

The Relativity Certified Sales Professional (RCSP) program is designed to help sales professionals, and others who frequently discuss the advantages of Relativity inside and outside of their organization, become experts in delivering our product demo.

RCSPs are proven experts in the delivery of an effective and relevant Relativity sales demo. By receiving a demo from an RCSP, prospective clients gain a comprehensive understanding of how Relativity can help solve their e-discovery challenges.

Exam Overview

What to Expect

To obtain the certification, you will need to deliver a demo presentation and complete an online quiz. The certification is open to all professionals employed by an active Relativity license holder.

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the exam here.

How to Take the Exam

Contact with general questions, or to schedule a dry run or formal evaluation at your convenience.

Additional Resources

Support from the Community

Looking for some extra help? Head to the Relativity Community for study resources.

Keep Your Certification Current

Once you pass the exam, don’t forget to keep up with your continuing education credits.


Get answers to all your questions, plus some study resources, in our FAQs.