Relativity Partners

Solve your e-discovery challenges and gain more value from your investment with help from a Relativity partner. These are your strategic advisors and problem solvers, who have met Relativity’s rigorous standards to deliver specialized e-discovery solutions, enhance the platform’s capabilities, and provide tailored tools and methods to help you succeed.

RelativityOne Partners

RelativityOne Certified Partners

RelativityOne Certified Partners offer a variety of e-discovery solutions, from project management and end user support to data collection and managed document review. They can give you flexible access to RelativityOne based on your individual business needs. Find a RelativityOne Certified Partner.

RelativityOne Silver Partners

Silver Partners have met additional criteria for experience, customer satisfaction, and staff training and certifications. These partners are also proven innovators, with at least one custom application available in the Relativity App Hub. Find a RelativityOne Silver Partner.

RelativityOne Gold Partners

Relativity will continue to set higher standards for partners and will add a new Gold Partner level in the future. Gold Partners will need the deepest expertise, including Relativity Masters on staff, as well as an expansive portfolio of services and applications.

RelativityOne Services Partners

RelativityOne Services Partners play a vital role in helping you migrate to, implement, and integrate RelativityOne. These partners can advise you on solving the challenges that arise as you satisfy your e-discovery requirements. Find a RelativityOne Services Partner.

Developer Partners

Developer Partners build their own intellectual property on top of Relativity and RelativityOne. Visit the App Hub for more information on the types of capabilities and applications available from these partners. Find a Developer Partner.

Relativity Certified Partners

Relativity Certified Partners integrate their local knowledge and industry expertise with the on-premises Relativity platform to meet your e-discovery needs. These partners provide a range of e-discovery solutions, including data hosting. Find a Relativity Certified Partner.

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